Jennifer Rees
Specialized Prosecutions
Unit Coordinator
Technology and Internet Crime
Alberta Justice Criminal Division

Jennifer Rees started prosecuting with Alberta Justice in 2001. In 2003 she started focusing on the Internet crime cases. In 2006 the Technology and Internet Crime Group was established in Specialized Prosecutions and Jennifer started working in this group. From 2006 all her prosecutions involved "Technology and Internet Crime". Jennifer prosecuted a variety of cases ranging from hacking (mischief), Internet fraud and theft, Internet harassment and threats, defamation and hate crime cases, voyeurism etc. The unit's primary focus is the protection of children so the majority of our cases are child pornography and Internet luring.

Jennifer Rees now coordinates the Southern Albertan Group of Internet prosecutors (6 in the South and there are 5 in the North - the North group is coordinated by Diane Hollinshead). They are also involved in training of police officers and give presentations to schools. Jennifer has been involved in training sessions with the RCMP and CPS (and sometimes other agencies) covering a wide range of topics - from child witness, digital evidence, search warrant issues and other "Internet Crime" issues.