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Bucharest, Romania

“Managing Cybercrime and the Technology Conundrum:
Developing Effective Action Plans through Global Collaboration.”

Preliminary Topics & Issues:

Panel discussions will incorporate regional and global perspectives on collaborative approaches to cybercrime prevention, detection, and response.  Our International Subject Matter Experts will use recent Case Studies to illustrate unique challenges, what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned.  Panel discussions will include, but not limited to, the following panel themes::

  1. Cybercrime Threats from Eastern Europe and Other Regions: Global Perspectives on Cybercrime Trends, Threats, Proactive Measures, Assessment, and Management.
  2. Risk Assessment and Management of Enterprise Security.
  3. Legal, Investigative, and Policy Challenges posed by Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Social Networking, Mobile Technologies, and other Evolving Technologies.
  4. Measures for Content Protection and Combating Counterfeit Products: What Worked and What Didn’t? Implications of such measures upon Prevention and Disruption of Economic Crime and Organized Crime, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Public Health and Safety.
  5. Frameworks for Inter-governmental Collaboration in Cybercrime Prevention and Response: Overview of Current, and Developing, efforts to enhance Global Collaboration.
  6. International Collaboration in Disrupting Economic Crime and Organized Crime: Case Studies and Lessons Learned.
  7. Collaborative Public Education and Outreach Strategies for Cybercrime Prevention.
  8. "Advanced Persistent Threats" (APT): Prevention and Incident Response.
  9. "Semantic Web": Implications of Machine-generated Data-integration upon Cybercrime Investigation, Prosecution and Training.
  10. Collaboration Against On-line Abuse of Children.

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