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2002 International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award
Announcement of Award Winner

TheSociety For The Policing Of Cyberspace (POLCYB), ispleased to announce the the winner of the 2002 International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award:

PROJECT NAME:   "Internet Safety Group Program"
AGENCY: Collaborative project by New Zealand Police and the Internet Safety Group

(Excerpt from winning submission)

A comprehensive and effective national initiative to combat cybercrime has been developed in New Zealand. This work has been accomplished by a unique and independent organization, the Internet Safety Group, that is built upon a close partnership between law enforcement, community organizations, and the education sector in New Zealand. Law enforcement participation has been led by Superintendent Howard Broad, District Commander (Chief) of Auckland City Police.

The Internet Safety Group (ISG) was formed in 1998. Membership has grown rapidly and now includes: the Police, District Court of New Zealand, educators from primary through university levels, the Department of Internal Affairs Censorship Compliance Unit, Customs Service, community groups, parents and students. The ISG is now the NZ Ministry of Education's 'agent of choice' for delivery of Internet Safety education in New Zealand. Superintendent Broad, a member of the ISG Board of Directors, represents the National Police Executive on the ISG; officers of the Paedophile Unit and the Fraud Squad are also members of the organization.

The goal of the Internet Safety Group has been to educate young people, parents and the wider community about safety on the Internet in a positive, common-sense manner. The ISG education now encompasses all communication technologies, including mobile phones, and offers the context of the social impact of a technology for the safety challenges New Zealanders are facing in cyberspace. The ISG set out to create a 'culture' of Internet safety in homes, schools, businesses and in New Zealand society as a whole. An important goal was to change attitudes about Internet risk so that New Zealanders think of Internet safety as fundamental child safety instruction that every child must receive from the youngest age, like road and water safety. Another crucial goal was to facilitate communication between law enforcement agencies, businesses, government bodies, education institutions and community organizations in order to better utilise the talent and resources available to achieve the other ambitious goals of this crime prevention initiative.

To learn more about the Internet Safety Group, visit their website:www.netsafe.org.nz

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