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International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award (I.L.E.C.A.)

The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award (I.L.E.C.A.)

The Society For The Policing Of Cyberspace (POLCYB) is are pleased to announce The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award (I.L.E.C.A.) Call For Entries.

Initially created jointly by Motorola USA and POLCYB, the POLCYB International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award recognizes innovation and best practices pertaining to prevention, detection, and/or response to cybercrimes. This is your chance to spotlight your law enforcement agency for fighting cybercrime by using proactive and successful inter-agency collaboration with partners.

The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award program honours achievements in one or more of the following goals:

  • Prevention of Cybercrime
  • Detection of Cybercrime
  • Response to Cybercrime

Law enforcement members or agencies that have undertaken work in one, or more, of the above goals to help prevent and combat cybercrime are invited to submit applications for the award. The successful applicants will have managed an effective and innovative partnership with a partner to achieve the I.L.E.C.A program goals. Law enforcement members who have worked on a volunteer basis to achieve these goals are also encouraged to apply.

Applications will be reviewed by a special Award Panel of law enforcement professionals and partners within POLCYB.

The Award

General Eligibility
How to Enter
How to Complete the Application Form
Submission Deadline
Announcement of Winners
Past Winners

The Award

While entries should be submitted in the name of individuals, the award will be presented to the law enforcement agency at which the winning initiative/investigation was completed.

The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award consists of the following:

For the Principal Law Enforcement Member who undertook the work of the initiative:

  • All travel and accommodation expenses and conference registration paid by The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award to attend the Policing Cyberspace International Summit (POLCYB International Summit), Dates: TBA, Venue: TBA

For the Law Enforcement Agency:

  • The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award Trophy

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General Eligibility

"Cybercrime" in the I.L.E.C.A. program refers to technological crime of various nature, e.g. crimes committed through the internet, wireless technologies.
  • The International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award Program is open to all Law Enforcement Agencies of any size, worldwide. The award will be made to the winning law enforcement agency.

  • Law enforcement members who have expended their efforts on a volunteer basis to achieve these goals are also encouraged to apply.

  • The initiative/investigation can be of a local, national, or international nature.

Judging Guidelines:
Submissions are judged on demonstrated innovative approaches in the following areas:

  • Leadership role and commitment in creating and leveraging Partnerships through this initiative/investigation.

  • Working effectively within the limits of available resources to develop effective and efficient Partnerships through this initiative/investigation.

  • Demonstrate collaboration with the community on a local, national or international level.

  • Produced meaningful results that can be used as models for other law enforcement agencies.

Who are the "Partner(s)"?

  • A "Partner" in this award program could be a commercial agency, or an organization that provides social services directly to the community, such as an academic institution, non-profit social services organization, hospital etc.

  • A "Partner" does not include an organization that comes under the criminal justice system or other government agencies and ministries.

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How to Enter

To enter, each individual or agency must request an I.L.E.C.A. Application Form from the POLCYB Office. Agencies can submit multiple applications for multiple initiatives/investigations.
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How to Complete the Application Form

Page 1: Contact Information For Principal Initiative/Investigation Partners:
Commanding Officer/Officer-in-charge of the Law Enforcement Agency; and Principal Partner.

Page 2: Contact Information For Additional Initiative/Investigation Partner(s) (Optional):
Additional Law Enforcement Member(s) and Partner(s).

Page 3:
a. Name of Initiative/Investigation
b. Abstract: This should provide a summary of the initiative/investigation goal(s), work undertaken, and outcomes.
Abstract Guidelines to be considered by applicant:

  • State the Goal(s) of the Initiative/Investigation.
  • Check the appropriate box/boxes for the I.L.E.C.A. Program Goal(s) which was/were reflected in your Initiative/Investigation: Prevention, and/or Detection, and/or Response.
  • Illustrate how this Law Enforcement/Partnership has initiated mutual support by working within your available financial and human resources - e.g. sharing of resources &/or information in the developmental and operational phases of the initiative.
  • Illustrate how this Law Enforcement/Partnership has promoted effective, efficient, and innovative partnerships to achieve the I.L.E.C.A. goals.
  • Where applicable, illustrate volunteer efforts on the part of law enforcement member(s) and partner(s).
  • Maximum Length of Abstract: Maximum of 2 pages; single-spaced; minimum font size: 9pt.
  • Supplementary Information: Supplementary information can be provided to support the submission. E.g. press cuttings, articles, duplicated copies of videos, CD's, or other material that supports the work or outlines how the outcomes have been achieved.
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  • Entry Forms, Abstracts and Supplementary Information become the property of POLCYB, and WILL NOT be returned to sender. DO NOT SEND Original Copies of Supplementary Information.

  • Candidates agree that POLCYB may use the name(s) of the initiative/investigation partners and materials in promotional POLCYB campaigns, and authorize POLCYB to duplicate and distribute to POLCYB Members copies of the materials for the purposes of training.

  • For the purpose of public education, should the I.L.E.C.A. candidate authorize POLCYB to publish the initiative on the POLCYB website, please provide an additional Abstract which has been modified for general usage.

  • If you wish to have any materials returned to sender, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your submission, and list the materials you wish POLCYB to return to sender.

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Submission Deadline
  • Submission Deadline: TBA.

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Announcement of Winners

One submission will be selected to receive the Award.
  • Recipients of the I.L.E.C.A. will be announced on the POLCYB website http://www.polcyb.org

  • Award recipients will be contacted directly by the POLCYB office.

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Past Winners

  • GOLD I.L.E.C.A. Award
    • Queensland Police Service Australia, State Crime Operations Command Task Force Argos
    • Surete du Quebec, Canada
    • Virtual Global Taskforce initiative (VGT), UK
    • Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, UK
    • National Crime Squad for England and Wales
    • West Midlands Police Force, United Kingdom
    • Collaborative project by New Zealand Police and the Internet Safety Group
  • Silver I.L.E.C.A. Award
    • Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, UK
    • Kerala Police, India
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For Further Information, please contact: Bessie Pang, Executive Director, POLCYB:

Ms. Bessie Pang, Executive Director

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